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Low-Code Digital Strategy Accelerator

A hands on engagement


Assessment of Digital Strategy 

Production Ready Tool 

Roadmap to Evolve Digital Strategy

Avg. Duration ~8 Weeks

How it Works



Rapid Discovery

We start by aligning your digital initiatives with your organization's objectives, analyzing user needs, and evaluating process and system bottlenecks. 


With that knowledge in mind, we build a perspective on use cases where low-code apps and workflow automation will have the greatest impact. Compatibility with your existing technology stack, security and compliance are top of mind throughout the process.


Proof of Concept Build

The next phase of our engagement focuses on rapidly prototyping and delivering an intuitive tool that solves a real high-impact use case for your organization. Your team rides shotgun with our experts as we demonstrate the capabilities of low-code development and deliver a production ready solution. This is all accomplished in a matter of weeks.


From here, we focus on providing enablement and change management strategies to ensure smooth transition and impact analysis on the deployed solution. 


Plan for Scale

Armed with the perspective on your business and a working tool, we will design a plan for accelerating your digital strategy with scalable low-code tools. The plan will illustrate the return on investment and impact to employee productivity and engagement across your organization. 

Partner with Proga Digital today to experience the difference our Low-Code Digital Strategy Accelerator can make for your business.

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